Lately you may have heard about Purchasing within the company. This division has become one of the priority choices for job seekers. Some Fresh Graduates deliberately glance at the Purchasing division to be their first job. Purchasing is an important part of companies that are responsible for purchasing goods and services.

This position is still related to the procurement division or the accounting division in the management of company incentive goods. Purchasing is an important position for the company in managing all its equipment. In this regard, we will discuss several things regarding Purchasing which include the understanding, duties, responsibilities, and requirements to become a Purchasing staff.

So, for those of you who have an interest in joining a company Purchasing position, it is important to read this article to the end.

Make purchases of goods for the company

Purchasing is defined as the process of purchasing goods and services that will be used by a company in supporting the smooth running of its business operations. Purchasing is understood as a form of company procurement. His job of procuring a variety of equipment makes him actively involved in all company activities.

Starting from production activities, Purchasing is responsible for the procurement of all tools needed in the production process. Smooth production is also indirectly the responsibility of Purchasing. Especially regarding the procurement of some raw materials in production, Purchasing must really pay attention to it. This is the main point in the division of tasks for Purchasing positions within the company.

Not only being in charge of all procurement of all supporting tools for the production process, Purchasing must also purchase goods in accordance with the interests and needs of the company. So the most important task of Purchasing is to ensure and optimize the number of goods and company tools that remain efficient, stable, and can be used according to company needs.

Purchasing is in charge of ensuring stock for the company's production

On average, each company can spend up to 70% of its income on the purchase of necessities. Especially for manufacturing companies that are related to producing goods, of course there are a lot of costs in procuring their production. In this case, Purchasing is in charge of ensuring the stock of for the company's production, the feasibility of the goods, until the purchase of these goods is in accordance with the requests of other divisions.

Therefore, Purchasing staff need to understand the company's needs in detail as well as record the needs according to their priority level. Because the process of procuring goods or purchasing goods will require several considerations, both on allocation, funding, and human resources.

Before purchasing goods or company support tools, of course Purchasing does a lot of planning beforehand. Purchasing will carry out a lot of related coordination to carry out this planning.

Especially with the buyer team and the production team to detail the various requests and needs of the division during their work. The Purchasing Team cannot avoid buying goods immediately, there must be many considerations first, one of which is looking at the condition of the stock of goods in the stock application.

Purchasing in planning must pay attention to three points of consideration, namely the allocation of goods, funding, and human resources. If it is still possible to borrow or lease, Purchasing will divert funding for some of the most important needs.

The reason for the budget or funding is the focus of this Purchasing position. Along with the procurement division of accounting or treasury funding, the Purchasing team has to do a lot of coordination to determine the priority level of the needs demanded by all divisions.